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Tips for Your Bathroom Renovation, Offered by a Reputable Interior Designer

A small bathroom seems like a really difficult space to design in a beautiful and functional way. In such a room, every little design detail has to have a purpose and be functional in one way or another in order to save space. Here are some helpful tips on how to make the most out of your small bathroom, provided by a reputable interior designer.

Add Storage

Instead of stuffing your beautiful colorful towels in a cabinet, showcase them in open shelving. This will add some warmth and playful color to your room and will eliminate any large and unwanted furniture pieces. You can also stack some floating shelves in order to add more storage in a fashionable way or add some wooden crates which you can stack or place on the ground for a good-looking and accessible storage place.

Be Functional

Every good local interior designer will tell you that for a small bathroom functionality is key. Small rooms can easily accumulate unwanted clutter, so you need to make sure that you are adding only functional design elements. Don’t add objects that don’t serve a purpose. You can store your cotton balls and swabs in cute little glass jars and place them on the floating shelves. Add some stackable baskets underneath the sink or beside the vanity where you can put more of your things, without compromising the good look of your bathroom.

Plan Your Palette

When the time to paint or lay tiles comes, you should already have chosen the color palette for the space. Remember that painting a wall in an accent color will take time. If you want to make your bathroom feel calm and aesthetically pleasing, go for neutral colors. When you have a neutral base you can add little pops of color here and there or maybe some beautiful textures or patterns.

Whenever you want to change the appearance of your now boring looking bathroom, choose an interior designer from Impressive Realty - Interior Design. We provide the people living in Summerlin, NV with a variety of high-quality services.

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